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Air is pulled into the engine as a crucial part of the combustion process. Your air filter collects airborne impurity's, such as dust, dirt, insects etc. An impure or clogged engine filter can cause poor engine performance. We visually examine and replace if necessary.


Your air conditioning system includes a filter which helps remove dust, mold spores, and other debris you and your passenger inhale. We visually examine and replace if necessary.


The cooling system in your vehicle circulates antifreeze through your engine and radiator. Antifreeze is made to prevent corrosion within the cooling system and assists in maintaining optimal engine temperature, regardless of outside weather conditions. Replacing the antifreeze regularly can help prevent overheating, freezing and cooling system corrosion. The existing antifreeze is flushed from your radiator and replaced with new coolant by your vehicles manufacture specifications.


Your fuel filter connects to the line that transfers fuel from the tank to the engine. The fuel filter eliminates impurities allowing the flow of gasoline to the engine to run smoothly, without blockage. A clear un-clogged filter promotes reductions in your engines performance. The old filter is removed and replaced with a new one which meets you manufactures specifications.


When we press the gas pedal we are controlling how much fuel and air the engine gets. The pedal activates the throttle valve communicating how much air to allow in while the computer tells the fuel system how much gas to fork out. These added amounts of air and fuel are mixed prior to being introduced to the combustion chamber. The spark plug ignites the blend of fuel and air producing a controlled explosion that powers the vehicle it's very important that the fuel be as clean as possible performing the fuel system cleansing service helps remove fuel varnish, removes intake valve deposits, cylinder head deposits, and cleans the fuel lines, with the use of a three step cleansing process.


The drivetrain transfers power from the engine to all drive wheels with varying degrees of torque. Your drivetrain may include a differential, transfer case and transmission. The differential is a unique gear box found between the drive wheels of you vehicle. It enables the drive wheels to turn at different speeds. After a period of time, high operating temperatures can cause the lubricants in the deferential to break down, creating a gummy texture, adding more friction and stress on those gears. Replenishing the fluid will help avoid an inopportune wear on the gears as well as the differential, and reduce wear on the drive wheels. The old differential fluid is flushed and replaced with new lubricating fluid based on you vehicles manufacture specifications.


Automatic transmission fluid lubricates, cools, cleans, and maintains hydraulic pressure within the internal components crucial to the transmission. The additives in the fluid can diminish over time. This service includes changing the fluid in the transmission system, torque converter, and transmission cooler. Removing the transmission pan, removing the old transmission pan, removing the old transmission filter, and replacing it with a new one, removing old gasket and replacing it, reinstalling the pan, refilling the transmission with new fluid to manufacturer's specifications.


Over time high operating temperatures can cause our oil and its supplements to break down developing a gum like texture, and varnish depleting our engines ability to perform at its peak level. Every third oil change we recommend an engine flush. We use a composite that safely removes sludge and other contaminants that will build up over time, freeing up sticky valve rings and smooth combustion chamber movement. We drain the existing oil, and filter and replace it with a new filter, add one gallon to the crank case, replace oil cap, and start your engine and let it run for five minutes to allow the flush composite to completely clean sludge, varnish, and gum deposits from internal engine parts. We then shut the engine off, and drain the fluid from your engine remove oil filter and replace it with a new one. We add new oil to your engine.


If you're looking for maximum performance out of your vehicle Z-MAX micro-lubricant will increase Gas mileage, extend engine life, reduce emissions, disperse carbon and restore power. Z-MAX doesn't replace oil, it goes beyond ordinary oil. Micro lubricant molecules clean your engine where ordinary oil can't reach, decreasing the need for repairs. It soaks into metal; reduces friction increases horse power; dissipates engine heat, and restores gas mileage, and reduces emissions in older vehicles, helps reduce engine wear on vital engine parts; and helps to extend engine life, by reducing engine deposits.


After a period of time, weather elements corrode the structure in the rubber portion of your wiper blade, while this happens, our wiper blades create streaks, inhibiting visual contact with the road and our surroundings negating road safety with every Simi lube & oil 5 star service oil change we visually inspect your wiper blades, if they are showing signs of wear we will recommend a replacement.


The serpentine belt transmits power from the engine to operate a variety of engine apparatus, embracing your, alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and your air conditioner compressor, the service includes: a visual inspection of your serpentine belt. Extracting the existing serpentine belt and replacing it with a new serpentine belt.


A power steering system has many linking parts that work together and ultimately cause friction. Power steering fluid works to minimize this friction which in turn lessens power steering wear. It also serves to pressurize the power steering system propelling it through the entire power steering system, it also lubricates the power steering gear unit, the part of a power steering system that meshes with your vehicle steering rod mechanism which ultimately moves your vehicles front tires. The service includes a visual inspection of fluid level, if its low we add to manufacturer's specifications. If the fluid is dirty your steering hose is disconnected and old fluid is flushed from the system and replaced with new fluid, the system is then bled of any and all air bubbles. Once this is complete we reconnect the power steering hose and fill your reservoir to the manufacturer's specifications.

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Your exterior lights-headlights. Tail lights brake lights, turn signals, back up lights, and marker lights are crucial parts of your vehicle's safety equipment, the service includes a visual inspection and test of all your exterior lights. Any malfunctioning bulbs can be replaced at your request.

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